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We are Fred and Shannon Duke and we are the dynamic duo behind Duke Homes and Land. Fred is a East Valley native and has been doing real estate for over twenty years. In that twenty years, he has seen just about everything with the Real Estate Market. People are his strength.  Fred is the type of guy who can befriend the stranger next to him.  Home buying can be a stressful situation, but Fred has a quirky, fun personality that keeps things light.


Which is why Shannon is an important team player. Shannon is ambitious and driven.  She's that home run hitter you need to get everybody moving and close the deal. Shannon is also an Arizona native and joined the Real Estate Team about 8 years after Fred. She keeps herself to date with the latest trends and does professional development classes to stay ahead.  It was during a professional development course that she learned about staging homes and fell in love with it. 


When you choose Duke Homes and Land, you are getting a team to help find you the perfect home. Together we are the perfect husband and wife team. And let's be honest, two heads are always better than one!


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